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20:1 CBD Tincture 325mg

Our CBD-infused tincture contains a mixture of MCT oil (a highly nutritious blend of fats derived from coconuts) and CBD-rich cannabis oil.

Our 20:1 strength is 20 parts CBD for every 1 part THC. For 20:1 Tinctures, each dropper full contains approximately 10mg CBD and 0.5mg THC. Approximately 315mg cannabinoids per 0.5fl oz bottle.

This high-CBD, low-THC formula is ideal for those new to cannabis or who are not looking for a psychoactive “high,” but seeking a remedy for sleeplessness, anxiety, or inflammation.

These amounts may differ; each batch is individually tested, and the package will be relabeled if it varies greater than 10% from the intended dosage per package.


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Proof Operations Inc.
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Proof Extracts

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