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Delta 8 Disposable


Experience a lighter mental high with strong body high
Compared with “classic THC” or delta-9, delta-8 THC promotes a lighter mental high. Our Delta 8 vape pen also promotes a strong body high.

Healthy cannabis plants produce delta-8 THC, but the concentration is extremely low. Dr. Delights extracts the compound to create a plant oil distillate with approximately 70 percent delta-8.

270 mg Active Cannabinoids
100 Doses Per Pen
High THC

225mg Delta 8 THC
45mg Delta 9 THC
21mg Lemon OG Cannabis Terpenes (Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene & More)

Outcome Expectation
THC-focused formula provides a traditional body high that stimulates the appetite and helps reduce nausea. The National Cancer Institute believes Delta 8 THC has anti-anxiety, pain relieving and brain-protecting properties*

Terpene Profile
Our proprietary extraction and purification processes retain the plants’ original terpene balances for classic cannabis flavor and other benefits.

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