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Papaya 3.5g

Lineage: Citral #13 x Ice #2
Head: Slower onset and centers behind the eyes
Body: Relaxing, but not overly sedative
Smell: Fruity & floral with notes of ground pepper
Taste: Spicy papaya & earthy
Context of Use: Light activity outside; relaxing in a park or beach

From Eve Farms

Inspired by the belief that cannabis has indisputable therapeutic benefits, we founded Eve Farms with the patient in mind, first. Being 100% self-financed and therefore not beholden to shareholders, Eve Farms has been able to focus more on the medicinal benefits of cannabis. We feel it’s our job to educate the world on the beauty of this plant and how it can help people.

Eve Farms flower is lovingly grown and nurtured at our state-of-the-art facility in San Francisco, California. Founded in 2017, under the guidance of our Cultivation Director, we implemented the latest in agronomic technology, allowing our gardeners to give each and every plant the attention it needs to grow to its full potential. Eve Farms takes pride in cultivating with absolutely no chemical pesticides, so you can enjoy the purest cannabis that mother nature can offer.


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Eve Farms
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