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Elyon Holy Grail 3.5g


Cross: (OG x Kosher Kush)
Levels: THC: 27.86%, CBD: .18%, CB’s: 33.88%, Terps: 3.7%
Flavors: Fuel and pine with constant citrus undertones.

Elyon is a Sonoma County brand and one of the few Sonoma County farms left due to the devastating permitting policy in Sonoma County. They grow out doors in light deprivation systems. Their light dep flowers is better than lots of indoor we’ve seen since regulation.Their price point cannot be beat either. Their genetics are top notch and they are constantly changing their genetics to keep things fresh for the consumer. As you can see from their potency numbers, their high level experience growing cannabis allows for the genetics to really flourish and show all of their best characteristics and in doing so this creates more terpenes and higher the levels of thc. Bag appeal on this outdoor is off the charts.

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27.86 %
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