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Chemdawg 2 Prerolls w/ Seed Collectables

Chemdawg has solidified itself as a heavy hitting cultivar that has lead to some other famous strains such as Sour Diesel and OG Kush. It has a pungent diesel aroma that is accompanied by a strong cerebral high. This hybrid, which often tests between 15-20% can give a strong body high as well.

At Seed 2 Soul, our mission is to provide the finest, cleanest, quality experience for our consumers. So, if you’re going to smoke a pre-roll, it should be from the​ best buds on the cannabis plant, period. Unlike most pre-rolls, we never use popcorn or trim of buds and we never settle on anything other than providing the best experience and optimal enjoyment to or consumers.
Seed 2 Soul is born out of the legendary, premium, outdoor cultivation practices or our founder, Patrick King, known in the cultivation world as the Soil King, For all of our products , finding farmers that meet our strenuous criteria for quality could only be possible through the decades of relationships we have built with craft cannabis that share our passion and love for the finest user experience possible. If it says Seed 2 Soul on it, you can trust that it is small-farmed, organic, sustainable, clean, limited-production, hand-picked, and loved from seed to your soul.
Each pack come with complimentary Seed2Soul seeds.


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Seed 2 Soul
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Seed 2 Soul
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