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Strawberry Banana Rosin 1g


Genetics: Strawberry Banana
Strain Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid (70%/30% (I/S))
Flavor: Sweet luscious strawberries, fruit, berries taste and aroma
Effect: Uplifting and boosts your creativity. Relaxing, and calm. May help relieve anxiety, stress, pain, insomnia.

**For best flavor experience, concentrate should be dabbed at a low temperature, can be mixed with or on top of cannabis flower.**

Our rosin is pressed from freshly extracted ice wax at the lowest possible temperature and pressure, filtering away any contaminants while creating a flavorful, ultra-refined budder or sap that dabs just like hydrocarbon extracts.

Rosin is a solventless oil and is widely sought after by consumers looking for an extract that brings the same flavor and potency of solvent hash oil in a product that is completely chemical free.

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